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Welcome! We are so happy that you found our little corner of the Internet, The Mediterranean Movement.

Here, we know that good nutrition can help you feel energized and amazing. But when kids and families come into the picture, it can be harder to get nutritious meals on the table day after day. That’s why we created this site!  Our recipes are easy (check out our recipes that only take 15 minutes!), kid-friendly (no crazy ingredients), and healthy (did you know that the Mediterranean Diet was named “the Best Overall Diet” by health experts).

In addition to tons of yummy, easy recipes, you will find lots of encouraging content around here. We have found that the journey through Motherhood can be equal parts amazing and challenging. Maybe you feel this way too? We are sharing it all in hopes that you will feel more connected. Let’s nourish ourselves and our families together.

Meet Jamie

Nutrition experts

Jamie is a registered dietitian specializing in pediatric oncology, a yoga instructor, and a lover of dark chocolate. Jamie provides nutritional guidance for meal plans and recipes and answers your questions on Instagram and Facebook. Fun fact: Jamie came up with the name “Mediterranean Movement”. More about Jamie here.

Meet Ashley

Nutrition experts

Ashley is a Mom of 3, a Mediterranean Diet expert, and a business professional with a technology background. Ashley loves to create and photograph mouth-watering recipes, brainstorm new content for our website, and connect with you on social media! Fun fact: The DSLR camera that takes most of our pictures was a baby shower gift from Ashley’s sister. More about Ashley here.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide families with the education, support, and community to easily and deliciously start implementing the principles of the Mediterranean Diet into your life today. We want to help your family realize optimal health and energy through Mediterranean Diet living so that you can live your best life. We are passionate about helping people get better and feel better, and our mission drives everything we do!

Our Vision for the Future

We want to be part of changing the world for the better! We believe that lifestyle modification can be the answer to some of the problems that plague many people in our society. For example, a recent study from the American Cancer Society notes that modifiable lifestyle choices contribute to more than 1/3 of cancer incidents and deaths. Together we can change some of these statistics.

Please visit this page to learn more about what we do and why.