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Mission and Vision

Our mission at the Mediterranean Movement is to provide families of all sizes with the education, support, and community to easily and deliciously start implementing the principles of the Mediterranean Diet into your life today. Our goal is to help your whole family realize optimal health, weight, and energy through eating whole food, so that you can live your best life.

For You

Our mission drives everything we do at the Mediterranean Movement. We are passionate about helping people get better and feel better, every single day. We know the power that healthy living has to transform our lives!

You, our readers, are our most important focus. We know that changing the food that you eat and feed your family is HARD. We are here to help. We hope to make your journey easier, more delicious, and ultimately more successful! Our aim is to stay connected to you so that we understand what you need and can provide it to you.

We provide

Check out our resources that we provide for you below! We would love to hear your thoughts so get in touch anytime.

  • Education:
  • Support:
    • Delectable, easy recipes that the whole family will love (recipes here)
    • Done-for-you Meal Plans that follow the Mediterranean Principles and save you time and money (meal plans)
    • One on one coaching and accountability groups to help you stick to your goals and make healthy changes (Nutrition Coach)
  • Community:
    • Lots of engagement in our Facebook group and on Instagram (join social )
  • All the best stuff, coming straight to your inbox by signing up here
  • Lots more!

Read more about how our company was born here. Read more about the founders Ashley and Jamie by checking out their stories with nutrition and why they love the Mediterranean Diet. More about Ashley and more about Jamie.


Our vision at the Mediterranean Movement is to be part of changing the world for the better. Will you join us in the Movement to better health and better living?

We envision a world:

  • Where people use healthy food to fuel their lives and their families in a delicious, fun, and sustainable way
  • Where healthy eating is never boring or bland, but full of color, flavor, and excitement
  • Where living well means time spent with the people we love around the family dinner table, sharing stories and ideas
  • Where life feels less stressful and frantic and feels more centered and aligned

We are constantly cooking up new ideas, recipes, and resources just for you. Stop back any time or get our content sent right to you here.

New to the Mediterranean Diet?

You can read lots more about the diet that experts call “The Best Diet Overall” here. Read about the overall dietary principles here and how to help your family take steps towards healthier eating here.