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Where we have been featured:

We are thrilled to have been featured in “11 Best Mediterranean Diet Experts” article in the The Mediterranean Lifestyle magazine.

Get your copy of the free publication here: https://www.themediterraneanlifestyle.co/

More about the Magazine:

“TML is dedicated to inspire, guide, and show you how to live a happier, healthier, and longer life. Our magazine is for all enthusiasts, who want to discover this unique way of life. Covering food, travel, wellness, the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, and sustainability in the whole Mediterranean.” -from TML’s website

More about the article:

“Knowing the right foods and the importance of nutrition and its values can be quite confusing for many of us today. Luckily, there are some experts out there that have something in common: They try to combine their passion and knowledge to motivate, support, and help others in the best way to lead a better and healthier life through nutritional education.” We are honored to have been selected as part of this elite group of 11!

Press Releases:

News upon release of our Innovative Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans for specific dietary restrictions. Read more about it here

News upon launching our Weight Loss Coaching Program and our Mobile-optimized, user-friendly website. Read more about it here

Our Expert’s Blog Posts on Other Sites:

Nutrition and the Cancer Survivor, published on the Ulman Foundation website. Read more about how to understand how specific wellness trends impact health, including sugar, organic food, and superfoods

A Guide to Healthier Halloween Candy, on the Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Blog. Tips for making healthier choices when it comes to that beloved Halloween candy!

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For more information about who we are and what we do:

The Mediterranean Movement was created to provide families of all sizes with the education, support, and community to easily and deliciously start implementing the principles of the Mediterranean Diet into their lives. We are passionate about supporting families and about great nutrition!

We use the well-researched principles of the Mediterranean Diet to guide our nutritional philosophy. That means an abundance of fruits, veggies, legumes, beans, nuts, and olive oil. A good amount of seafood and fish. A moderation of poultry, eggs, and dairy. And a limited amount of red meat and sweets. Read more about Mediterranean Diet principles here and all the health benefits here.

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