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October 6, 2020
FAQ for the 4-Week Jumpstart Program
October 15, 2020

4-week Jumpstart to the Mediterranean Diet: Accountability Group

4 weeks to a lighter, happier, healthier you!

Ready to get your nutrition back on track, so you can finally start meeting your health goals?

Have you set goals before and not achieved them? You start out super excited but soon after, you lose steam and focus. Accountability groups can be the key missing piece for many people trying to be successful with healthy eating. Research shows that people can be 95% more likely to accomplish a goal when committing that goal to an accountability group. For most people, knowing what to do is not the issue: being able to follow through is the problem!

With a little help from your friends and some added accountability, we’re here to help you achieve your goals!

Why a 4-week Jumpstart Program?

Our 4-week Jumpstart, like the Mediterranean DIet itself, is an effective, moderate approach. We won’t encourage you to eliminate whole food groups or starve yourself.  Instead, we will gently guide you to focus on eating clean, whole food in line with nutrition recommendations from most experts. We will help you move towards eating more vegetables and fruits, fewer refined sugar, more plant-based meal, healthy fats, and whole grains. We will also focus on the behavioral changes of less mindless snacking and adequate hydration. Our Registered Dietitian Jamie will guide you through the whole process. You will leave feeling healthier, happier, and lighter!*

This is an investment in yourself and your health… after months of surviving the stress and craziness of quarantine, you deserve to treat yourself to better health (and a supportive group to help you get there!).

How does the Program work?

As we move through the weeks, we will help you focus on one healthy habit at a time and while building on the previous week then continue those habits throughout the month. By the end of the month, your diet will look very much like a Mediterranean Diet; one that is perfectly suited to your palate and lifestyle! 

Week 1: Eat your fruits & veggies

Week 2: Get in your Whole Grains

Week 3: It’s all about the healthy fats

Week 4: Explore more fish and/or plant-based meals 

Throughout the month: less added sugar and better hydration

Once the month is over, you will have plenty of practice eating according to health standards so that you can continue your new skills even after the program has ended. Many people find that a one-month “jumpstart” is exactly what they need to start a sustainable lifetime of healthier eating habits. More commonly asked questions are below. 

Why the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet has been named the best diet of 2020 (2019 and 2018!) and has been researched more than most diets on the market today. It’s good for your gut, mood, energy levels, weight loss, and for reducing risks of disease (like cancer and Alzheimers). It’s also flexible and easy to follow and can help you meet your weight-loss and health goals! Virtually any healthy lifestyle goal is a good fit with a Mediterranean Diet. Major principles include: more vegetables and fruit, more healthy fats, less added sugar, less processed foods, and more whole grains. (Check out a Mediterranean Lifestyle and Principles of the Mediterranean Diet for more. Or send us a note with questions, themedimove@gmail.com!)

The group runs October 26- November 20. 

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*While we can’t guarantee how you’ll feel at the end of an Accountability Group, the Mediterranean Diet has tons of research demonstrating its ability to fight depression, help you lose weight, battle a whole host of diseases (cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc), boost your immune system, and more. Most people who stick to a Mediterranean Diet for at least a few weeks feel amazing: happier, healthier, and lighter.

Our current group is a 4-week Jumpstart to the Mediterranean Diet, Oct 26- Nov 20!

Some Common Questions and Answers (also check out our FAQs  here):

What are the dates?

The program runs from Oct 26 to Nov 20 (2020). 

Will I have to buy any special foods?

No “special foods” required! While there are no specific foods required for this program, we will provide you with a grocery list that encompasses Mediterranean Diet foods. You may use this as a guide while grocery shopping each week, taking into account you and your family’s food preferences, but it is not required that you purchase all (or any) of the foods from this list.

This is an effective, moderate program designed to help you move from wherever you are in your current way of eating to a healthier, more Mediterranean style of eating. As we move through the weeks, we will help you focus on one healthy habit at a time and then continue those habits throughout the month. By the end of the month, your diet will look very much like a Mediterranean Diet; one that is perfectly suited to your palate and lifestyle!

You will find yourself buying more vegetables or fruits, more whole grains, more healthy fats, more plant-based items, and less sugar and processed foods. Pretty much everything you eat in this program can be found at your local grocery store and can be customized to your palate!     

What does my registration fee include?

  • Access to Private FB Group, created just for this program
  • Weekly videos from Jamie our Registered Dietitian covering relevant nutrition topics 
  • Weekly Q&A with Jamie (our Registered Dietitian) to get your questions answered
  • Your questions and comments answered daily in the Facebook Group 
  • Virtual guide to track your goals each week
  • Mediterranean Grocery Guide to make shopping a breeze
  • A Bonus Collection of Quick & Easy Recipes to use throughout our month together (and beyond!)
  • Daily check-ins, accountability, and motivation to help you succeed!

Are there any other fees?

Nope! Once you pay your registration fee, there are zero other fees or payments. You can relax and get ready for the most awesome 4 weeks of your year!

Is a Jumpstart effective?

Yes, absolutely. While it takes an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic, many people find that a one-month “jumpstart” is exactly what they need to start a sustainable lifetime of healthier eating habits. The group accountability allows them to achieve what is pretty hard to do on your own: modify your diet. And the expert guidance by our Registered Dietitian ensures that the dietary changes you make will be in line with nutrition recommendations for best health.   

Why is this 4-Week Jumpstart Worth it?

Research shows confidently that structured programs, expert instructions, and nutrition plans yield great results. In addition to this, incentives and accountability are the two factors that effectively shape behavior change according to the latest research. Focusing on accountability, the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) found that you’re 65% more likely to succeed at achieving a goal when you have an accountability partner.

However, that number bumps up to 95% if you have ongoing appointments with your accountability partner or group. Experience shows that people who post their accountability in the group daily are close to 95% more successful.

Even in a virtual group, increased accountability means better results. You can do things that you couldn’t do without it!

How will I access the group?

The accountability part of this group will take place in a private Facebook group. You will need to be able to access Facebook to take part. You can create a free Facebook account if you don’t have one currently. (You can create an account even if you don’t plan to use Facebook for anything else in your life. You can delete if when the challenge is over.)

Can I invite a friend to the group?

Yes, and we would love you to! This program will be even more fun if you complete it with a friend, spouse, co-worker, or neighbor. We feel so strongly about the power of having your people be part of your healthier new lifestyle that we offer a referral discount. 

Where can I find out more about the Mediterranean Diet?

Explore our website! We have blog posts on a Mediterranean Lifestyle and Principles of the Mediterranean Diet to get you started. There are also many books and articles on the Mediterranean Diet, as it’s one of the most widely studied diet in the world. (Actually, experts named it the “Best Overall Diet” for the past THREE years in a row!)

I have more questions. What do I do?

Contact us (themedimove@gmail.com)! We’d love to answer your questions. Also, check out our FAQs here!