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Welcome to our best Mediterranean Diet recipes! All of our recipes are kitchen-approved to be delicious, easy to follow, and health-optimizing. While all our recipes follow Mediterranean Diet principles (hence the title “Diet Recipes”), not all our recipes are traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Here you will find not just hummus and Greek salads, but also Mexican staples like tacos, Italian favorites like pizza-inspired dishes, and Chinese stir-fries.

Mediterranean Diet Principles that we follow

You can read more about the Principles here, but know that all of our recipes include the following:

  • Incorporate vegetables as much as possible
  • Include legumes, beans, and nuts as great vegetarian protein sources
  • Add flavor with herbs instead of salt (salt is optional in virtually every recipe)
  • Use olive oil instead of poor quality oils and butter
  • Use real, whole foods (or packaged foods without additives and added sugar)
  • Focus on seafood
  • Moderate to low focus on poultry
  • Little or no added sugar
  • Little to no red meat
  • Use whole wheat and whole grains instead of white pasta and bread
  • Use healthier alternatives when possible (whole wheat pasta over white pasta)
  • Easy to create and easy to modify!

Since the Mediterranean Diet is so flexible, many of our dishes are also gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium, vegetarian, or pescatarian. All of our recipes provide a variety of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. We think you will agree that there is something for everyone and every palate!

Categories of Recipes

Find what you are looking for by navigating to the category of your choice. Options include:

How to choose what’s for dinner?

Experts agree that up to 80% of chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle changes. Diet is the largest contributing factor, more than exercise, sleep, or stress reduction. It is one reason why the creators of the Mediterranean Movement are so passionate about nutrition, having lost both of our Moms to cancer early in our lives. More about that here.

Plant-based is best

So how to choose what’s for dinner? Within the scientific community, there’s overwhelming agreement that plants are best. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines concluded that a plant-based diet was the best choice. They recommend that 75% or more of your meal choices should include vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and beans. The guidelines also encourage limiting processed foods for optimal health. The following well-respected health sources agree (Canada’s 2019 food guide, Harvard’s healthy eating plate).

Our site is full of recipes that fit that 75%. We also have options for when you are looking to fill that other 25% -- with a healthy dessert option or some animal protein. Choosing from among st the awesome recipes could be as easy as polling your family for their preferences and seeing what you have in the fridge. However, we have found that planning ahead can make a world of difference.

Meal Plans to Make Life Easier

Having a weekly plan means that, at the end of a long day, you have the ingredients you need to make something yummy. If your plan was created in conjunction with your family or posted where it could be seen, it also means fewer arguments over what’s for dinner! Perhaps, even better, you made something in the crockpot and dinner is already done! (Check out our section on Crockpot Meals for Kids for more ideas.)

We have lots of resources for meal planning, including ideas for how to do it in our Meal Planning Workshop section and done-for-you Meal Plans complete with grocery lists.

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