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Whether someone in your family is avoiding meat entirely or you are just looking for new ways to enjoy meatless meals, we have you covered. Our recipes are hearty, satisfying, scrumptious, meat-free meals that everyone will enjoy! See more of our vegetarian tips below!

April 8, 2021
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Our favorite tips:

Here are some of our favorite tips for making delicious, healthy, satisfying vegetarian meals that will please the meat eater and the vegetarians in your life:

1. Bring on the (healthy) fat

Don’t shy away from using olive oil, avocado, or nuts and nut butters in your meals. Fat adds satiety to food, helps you feel full longer after eating it, and tastes great! Consuming a variety of healthy fats will provide you with essential nutrients including Omega 3s, DHA, and EPA, all of which are known to help decrease inflammation, improve weight loss, decrease your risk of heart disease and improve cognitive function and memory.

2. Bulk up with grains

Quinoa, brown rice, Farrow, whole grain bread, are just a few of the healthy grains that are staples of a Mediterranean Diet. Buddha bowls are a quick, easy, and hearty way to prepare a nutrient dense meal; using grains as the base, you can top it with roasted veggies, beans, legumes, and a dressing all in one dish! For more information on grains, check out our blog post.

3. Add on some protein

Many vegetarians have no problem meeting their protein needs. Beans, lentils, and legumes are great options for protein, as well as being super healthy overall. Nuts and seeds like chia seeds are a great source of protein with one tablespoon containing almost 5 grams of protein. And many vegetables have protein too! While they may not contain as much per ounce compared to meat or fish, the protein content of vegetables can soon start to add up throughout the day!

4. Get creative with the preparation

Try the same food prepared in several ways. Broccoli can be steamed with lemon, roasted with garlic, grilled with vinaigrette, eaten raw with hummus, grated into a broccoli slaw, the list is virtually endless. When we first started cooking, we were astonished at how different preparations could make a difference in the final product!

5. Aim for variety - try some new recipes!

Vegetarians can fall into the same trap of convenience eating as other eaters. Relying entirely on pizza, bagels, and cereal may be one way to ensure that you are eating meat-free, but it is not the healthiest approach. That is why we have compiled a variety of vegetarian options that are delicious and nutritious for the entire family! Lentil soup, vegetarian chili, homemade veggie burgers, Buddha bowls, and orzo salad are all great options. You can find lots of tasty options from places around the world like Italy and Spain, too.

What are your favorite Vegetarian Family Meals?