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Never Worry About What To Eat On A Mediterranean Diet.

Save time and money with Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans -- complete with delicious recipes and grocery lists-- available today

Meal Plans

The Mediterranean Diet is world-renowned for being the healthiest diet in the world: transforming cholesterol, inflammation, and weight through food.

Meal Plans

Learn exactly what to eat to transform your life with our meal plans, even if you are a complete novice in the kitchen or a beginner with the diet.

Meal Plans

Backed by decades of research. Our Meal Plans were created by a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in nutrition and a background supporting families' health through diet.

Meal Plans

Save time, money, and stress – our family-friendly meal plans come with a categorized grocery list to save you unnecessary trips to the store and uneaten dinners on your table. Families self-report saving $200 and 10 hours per month using a meal plan.

Meal Plans

Gluten-free, dairy-free, & completely custom. Easy food substitutions, too!


"I loved using the Mediterranean Movement meal plan! I have meal planned on and off, but it's so easy to get stuck in a rut and my usual dinners were getting tired. These recipes were easy to make, quick to the table, and my 3 kids really enjoyed them! Dinnertime is so much less stressful when you have a plan to follow. It's really hard to make a plan by yourself, tho, so having a great plan made for you is beyond amazing. The plan comes with the grocery list, too, so you can even save some money following the list and not impulse buying!"

- Lynn F

"The Recipe Plan brought me out of an unhealthy/uninspired cooking rut and set me back on track. It provides a meal plan for the whole week, complete with a grocery list and helpful pictures of the finished product. The recipes are easy to follow and come together quickly. We requested a dairy-free plan to accommodate my husband, and the rest of us don't even miss it. With everything else going on, not having to agonize over what to cook has been a blessing! Mouth-watering, delicious!"

- Timilin S

Feel great and be healthier today



Save up to 10 hours and $200 per month using Meal Plans! For less than the price of your daily coffee, you never again have to agonize over how to feed yourself or your family in the most health-promoting way.

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Mediterranean meal plans

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Mediterranean meal plans

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Mediterranean meal plans

Full Day Meal Plan Bundle

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Membership plans auto-renew; Full Meal Plan does not

All Plans Include:

Life is busy

Busy families juggle a lot! Work, social engagements, house maintenance, kids’ activities, school schedules, aging family members…. With all the commitments of a normal family, it’s virtually impossible to do the researching and organizing necessary to help your family take control of their eating. Add to that the challenges of Pinterest recipes that fall flat, "interesting" food your kids won’t eat, or dietary restrictions of anyone in your family, and it’s easy to see why many families default to take-out or convenience meals.

Don’t sacrifice your health! We created our Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans because we realized that families needed resources to help them effortlessly get high-quality, irresistible meals on the table.

Take the Confusion out of eating

Our Meal Plans are full of yummy, nutritious, easy-to-prepare food, with lots of suggestions for substitutions if needed. We believe in fun, festive food that follows Mediterranean Diet principles, so you will never get bored eating along with us! All our plans include lots of notes for substitutions to meet the needs of all the people in your family.

These Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans were created by Jamie, our Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. She has spent the past 5 years as a pediatric dietitian, working with kids and families of all ages and medical backgrounds. You can be confident that our plans are nutritionally balanced, low in added sugar, full of antioxidants and vitamins, and terrifically healthy.

Let our Meal Plans guide you on what to shop for and eat. You will get excited about eating for health!

Stress-free Memberships

We are excited to launch our Dinner and Lunch & Dinner membership options. These options let you pick a plan, pay monthly or quarterly (with great savings), and never have to think about what to make for dinner, or lunch & dinner, again! Our memberships continue until you cancel them. You'll get your delicious, family-friendly, Mediterranean-Diet-inspired meal plan right to your inbox every single week!

Never again do you need to feel overwhelmed by all the planning, thinking, researching, and extra trips to the store for forgotten items. Eliminate the organizational overwhelm and let us do the heavy lifting.

For as little as $10, you can save money (up to $200 per month!), eliminate food waste (up to 40% for families), save time (spend those extra 2 hours any way you'd like), and stress! Having a plan also helps you eat healthier foods that will help your whole family feel better and be healthier. And you'll get to try out some awesome new meals-- no food boredom here!

Why not give our FREE trial a try today and see how stress-free meals can be?

Bundle for Better

Our Mediterranean Made Easy 21-day Meal Plan Bundle includes everything you need to easily and successfully follow the Mediterranean Diet. This includes one 21-day Meal Plan from our planned offerings, a Quick Start Guide, a Snack Recipe Book with over 25 delicious snack ideas, and access to our incredibly supporting, dietitian-led Facebook group. For a limited time, it also comes with a collection of our favorite breakfast recipes, too! Don't miss out on this awesome value!

Stay motivated and encouraged by engaging in our Facebook group. Our Dietitians routinely pop in to answer questions and do live videos: this is a not-to-miss opportunity. Research shows that people are 95% more likely to reach a goal if they have a supportive accountability group; let us help you reach your goals!

Delight your taste buds with some of our favorite super-healthy snacks in our Snack Recipe Books, including everything from crunchy to smooth, savory to sweet. Over 20 snack recipes! Many clients have told us that this was their unexpected favorite resource.

The Bottom Line

You know the Mediterranean Diet is world-renowned for being the healthiest diet around. It can add years to your life and joy to your years!

Don’t spend your precious free time sitting in front of the computer, researching recipes and nutritional information, or on excess trips to the store. Stop wasting money on molding produce, food that goes uneaten, and take-out. Families following a meal plan self-report saving $200 and 10 hours per month!

Take back your life and your health with our one-stop resources that will have you looking and feeling your absolute best!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 I don't eat dairy, I'm gluten-free, or I'm a picky eater. Will this work for me?
Absolutely! If you can’t tolerate dairy or don’t like seafood, we’ve got you! Modifications and customization options are available on the check out screen! Even our standard meal plans come with easy substitution advice for recipes if you don’t like or cannot eat a certain food.
2 I'm cooking for 4 people. Will this work for me?
We know that families come in different sizes. We offer both a 2-person meal plan and a 4-person meal plan. Once you place your order, you will have the option to select which size works best for you! Our recipes are also very easy to scale up and down.
3 Do I have to do this alone?
No way! You will be able to join our super supportive Facebook group, to share your experience and swap tips with other members. Our experts, included a registered dietitian with substantial experience on the Mediterranean Diet, regularly check in to answer questions.
4 Can't I plan my meals by myself? Do I really need a plan?
Of course! Our clients self-report saving hours of time each week using our meal plans. These plans have been specifically prepared under the guidance of a Registered Dietitian to ensure that they are maximally health inducing. So while you can plan your meals on your own, we recommend giving our plans a try if you want to save time and headaches.
5How long will it take to make healthy meals? I'm busy.
Our clients report saving hours of time each week because they no longer have to search the internet to find recipes, plan our their week, and then craft a grocery list. The recipes themselves have been created to be minimally time intensive. We have families too, and we know all too well that it is not realistic to spend hours making each meal (even if we might like to)! Our recipes were created to be straight-forward, quick, and super delicious! If you find yourself in a pinch, we have healthy ideas for no-cook meals on our blog, too!
6 Will I always be eating the same thing?
No way! We have tons of unique and interesting recipes to ensure that your palate is constantly intrigued. Think: carrot cake overnight oats, savory turkey and bean minestrone, and chocolate nutty baked pears.
7I'm concerned about wasting food.
A meal plan is a great way to reduce food waste because you actually use what you buy! No more fresh spinach turning into slime in the back of the vegetable crisper.
8How do I access the meal plan, once I purchase?
Meal Plan Memberships will be sent directly to your email inbox! Your free trial will be sent immediately, so no waiting required. Every week, you will receive your new weekly meal plan directly to your inbox. The Full Day Meal Plan Bundle, as well as other resources such as Cookbooks and Quick Start Guides, are available via digital download. They are available to you as soon as you purchase them through download.
9What if we have food allergies?
Of course, you should never prepare or eat anything that you or anyone in your family has an allergy to! Our recipes offer lots of substation and customization ideas if you don't like something or you can't eat it. Our Full Day Meal Plan Bundle comes in dairy-free and gluten-free, so these are good options if you prefer not to have to modify recipes.
10What's the difference between the Membership and the Bundle options?
Our Dinner Only Membership and our Dinner & Lunch Membership options are hassle-free, reoccurring membership. You can choose to pay by the month or save a lot by paying by the quarter. You never need to think about it again, as the membership continues until you cancel it. Dinner on autopilot, now that's the dream! You will receive your meal plan by the week in both cases, sent directly to your email inbox.

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