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Gluten Free Meal Plans

Our gluten-free meal plans are the perfect answer for individuals who cannot tolerate gluten, but who still want to reap all the benefits of a Mediterranean Diet. Delectable, easy-to-follow, family-friendly meals, with a grocery list included. Read on for more!

The Kinds of Amazing Recipes that You Can Look Forward to:

  • Pesto Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Savory Burger Bowl
  • Mini Eggplant Pizzas

What is Gluten Free?

Gluten is a group of proteins finds in cereal grains, including wheat, barley, and rye. It is responsible for that gooey-elastic texture of bread dough. We recognize that some people may need to follow a gluten-free diet to help manage the symptoms of celeriac disease or other medical conditions associated with gluten.

Is Gluten Part of the Mediterranean Diet?

Though the foundation of the Mediterranean Diet includes the consumption of whole grains, it can easily be followed gluten-free. In fact, following a Mediterranean Diet can help to supply some nutrients often lacking in a standard gluten-free diet. Fortunately, there are many gluten-free grains including whole-grain cornmeal, oats (certified gluten-free), quinoa, sorghum, brown rice, and buckwheat. (Learn more about whole grains here)

About our Gluten-free Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

  • Our plans are dietitian-designed with your family in mind! Our meal plans are created by Jamie, a registered dietitian nutritionist, to provide well-balanced, health-optimizing, and yummy meals that adhere to the Mediterranean Diet Principles. We are hereto helped you and your family achieve optimal health!
  • Every one of our meal plans includes 21 days of Mediterranean-inspired meals (three meals each day) for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Since everyone’s appetite (and calorie needs) vary, we created an optional snack book with gluten-free specific snacks. Optional snacks give every member of your family the flexibility to eat to your hunger level each day.
  • For people looking to lose weight, following a Mediterranean Diet full of nutrient-dense, whole foods can help you full satisfied on less food, without counting calories or points. Our meal plan is full of exactly that kind of food and can help in your weight-loss journey! Read about how a Mediterranean Diet is correlated with weight loss here.
  • Our delicious recipes are easy; we don’t want you spending all your free time in the kitchen. Our plans also use leftovers to make sure that our plans work for busy families.
  • All our recipes have been tested and verify to be completely delicious. We provide lots of options for substitutions and customization’s.
  • Best of all, we include a categorized grocery list. This will save you tons of time and money at the grocery store. No more wandering the store, throwing things haphazardly in your cart! No more spinach turning to slime in your fridge!
  • Using our plans, you can recognize the health benefits of the “Best Overall Diet” and save time, money, and sanity. See below for more options.

*Note we acknowledge that every family varies in size (and age) making for a variety of nutritional needs for each individual family member. Keep in mind portion sizes may vary from person to person (from toddler to child, teenager to adult). Smaller (or larger) portions may be necessary; a snack list is also available to give you and your family members the flexibility to eat to their hunger. Meal plans are a tool for you and your family to get started with healthy eating, improve your meal prep and planning skills, explore new recipes, and enjoy healthy and delicious homemade meals.

More Options

Do you or your family have more dietary restrictions of food preferences beyond a gluten-free diet? Check out our fully customizable meal plan options that can accommodate any dietary requirements or preferences.
We also offer gluten-free, vegetarian, nonperishable, and standard Mediterranean Diet meal plans. See our
our plan bundles here!

Resources for you

Mediterranean Diet beginners love our Quick Start Guide. This digital download PDF is packed full of the exact information that you need to get started today here. Other favorites include

recipe books and snack books!

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