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Meal Planning 101

Are you looking for more time to spend with your family, while also enjoying delicious and nutritious meals? A meal plan can make our lives less stressful while making mealtimes healthier and more enjoyable. It can also save you time and money! Read to learn more about our Meal Plan Membership.

Benefits of Having a Meal Plan

The benefits of having a meal planning are well documented:

  • You can plan healthier dinners and ensure that your whole week leads to a healthy balance of nutrition. For example, you can see whether you have too many days of pasta, or that you are lacking on fish dinners throughout the week. You can plan rationally for what you want to serve your family.
  • Making dinner with a plan is a much less stressed, more enjoyable affair. You won’t have the anxiety creep up about what to make that evening while on your drive home from work. You won’t be concerned about whether you have enough beans or peppers to make the taco Tuesday dinner you thought up as you approached your home.
  • You can let your kids be a part of the process around food, which leads to improved acceptance by your kids when it comes to dinnertime. Rather than just surprisingly them with a meal, you can talk with them about what’s for dinner while at the breakfast table. Even better, put the meal plan schedule up on the fridge. This makes for much easier mealtimes because your kids aren’t surprised by what’s on their plate!
  • Meal planning can save you money! Taking a grocery list to the store means no more impulse purchases. Later, it means no more rotting vegetables in the fridge that you forgot to use. Take out is no longer an expensive necessity. Also, you can plan meals around what you have left in your food budget. Budget tight towards the end of the month? You can plan more vegetarian meals and save recipes that call for fresh fish and meats for the next month. People who meal plan tend to save $200 per month!

What makes these Mediterranean Diet meal plans different?

Our Meal Plans were designed to be easy to follow, specifically for families, using grocery-store ingredients, and they were designed by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to be health promoting, using whole-food ingredients.

Sure, there are other meal plans out there. But there’s nothing else on the market like this!

  1. Some health sites offer days or week of suggested Mediterranean Diet eating patterns. But don’t get an organized grocery list. This is precisely the part of the meal plan that tends to take people the most time to put together! You don’t want to start making dinner to find that you’ve forgotten one key ingredient. We offer an organized grocery list every week. We also send you a new plan each week so you never get bored. 
  2. Some other sites offer “Mediterranean” meal plans, alongside their keto, paleo, and vegan offerings. These sites are not experts in the Mediterranean Diet, the way we are. They usually mean the FLAVORS of the Mediterranean region, rather than the health promoting properties of the Mediterranean Diet principles. You don’t have to eat hummus every day to reap all the amazing health benefits of this Diet, and why would you want to? Enjoy delicious foods from all over the world, using the health principles of the world’s best diet. We are Mediterranean Diet experts, and our plans include foods from all over the world using Mediterranean Diet principles.
  3. Some chefs offer meal plans, but they are not family-friendly, neither in terms of how much time they take to prepare or the ingredients used. Sardines on toast with an olive tapenade may be healthy (and delicious for some adults), but there’s no way most young kids will eat it. Our meals are simple enough to make on a busy weeknight and designed for families.  We also offer substitution ideas for many of the meals. In many of our meal plans, we take advantage of strategic leftovers so you can cut DOWN on the time in the kitchen!

Why a Meal Plan Membership?

Three words: convenience, personalization, and cost!

Convenience: your meal plan comes right to your inbox every single week. Put the meal planning part of your life on auto-pilot! Download the grocery list to your phone and take it with you to the grocery store each week. Or add the items right to your online grocery order and have everything just show up for you. Never waste another second wondering what to serve your family. Use all those free hours to do what you want to do!

Personalization: choose from different options for your family. Many families just want to know “what’s for dinner”! If this is you, check out our dinner-only meal plan, and have a delicious, nutritious dinner planned for you every night. If you prefer to include lunch, our lunch & dinner option is perfect—and even includes some strategic leftovers to cut down on your time in the kitchen. If you prefer to have your whole day planned, jump over to our 21-day meal plans.

Cost: We have priced these meal plans to be a great solution and within reach for most families. For the price of a few cups of Starbucks coffee, you can ensure that your family is eating in the best possible way. By the way, people who meal plan report saving up to $200 at the grocery store each month! It’s really a win-win.

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Why the Mediterranean Diet?

We probably don’t have to remind you, but just in case… The Mediterranean Diet was named the Best Overall Diet for the 4th year in a row by a panel of health experts. Research has documented again and again that following Mediterranean Diet principles can help you avoid negative health outcomes like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, Alzheimer’s, as well as helping you look and feel your best today. Your family deserves the best. Our meal plan membership is the easiest, most affordable way to give that to them!