Accountability Groups

Accountability groups can be the key missing piece for most people trying to be successful with healthy eating.

Have you ever lost focus when working on your health or weight goal? You start with plenty of energy and, at first, you feel committed to it. However, after a while, you begin to lose focus. You start to feel like there are too many mental or emotional hurdles to overcome. It gets to the point where you start falling behind on your goals and you don’t know how you’re going to help yourself get back on the right track.

What’s the problem?

For most people, knowing what to do is not the issue. Read through any number of resources on living a Mediterranean Lifestyle, including our blogs or Quick Start Guide, and you will know what to do to get healthier and feel better. For most people, the problem is don’t know what to do… the problem is actually doing it!

The Research

This is where an accountability group can be vital to keeping you moving towards your goals. Research shows that a person is 65% more likely to reach a goal if she commits that goal to someone else. Even better, the chance of success goes up to 95% if that person has a specific accountability appointment with another person! How great does it sound to be 95% likely to stick to your goals?

What is an accountability group?

An accountability group is a group of like-minded people who have committed to support and encourage each other towards reaching a common goal. Many accountability groups today are virtual groups, using Facebook or another online platform, to allow people from all over the country and the world to join together in a common mission.

How does an accountability group help me reach my health goals?

Meeting with a group of like-minded people can help you achieve all sorts of goals, from saving money, to starting a business, to writing a book. Here, of course, our accountability groups are focused on health-related goals, including eating a Mediterranean Diet and giving up emotional eating.

How our accountability groups encourage success:

We have looked at the latest research on what makes an accountability group successful and built our groups around that research. In our groups, you will find:

  1. A clear definition of the purpose of the group
  2. An encouraging group of people with whom you have weak ties. Research shows that people who are vested in you but not close friends are better accountability partners because they can be more objective and less willing to let you off the hook.
  3. A group of people who are committed, and a leader (your health coaches) who helps hold the group accountable and committed to their health goals
  4. Weekly live webinars/ Facebook sessions to get everyone engaged and keep them motivated
  5. Frequent communication—from us and from all the people in the group! Ask questions, share recipes, communicate struggles, and successes.
  6. Lots of celebrating your accomplishments!

An accountability group is a great way to make progress towards your health goals. With clear expectations and a community of support, you can find lasting success for yourself.

Our Groups include:

  • 30-day weight loss jumpstart
  • 30-day healthy eating challenges
  • 30-days to curb snacking & get back on track
  • More as clients’ request them!

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