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Food Coach

Read on to find out if a food coach might be the resource you need to live your healthiest, happiest, most energetic life.

How do you start to change your life?

Even with modern medicine and science, diseases and conditions related to food and nutrition continue to be on the rise. Many people have low energy levels and find themselves drinking tons of caffeine to make it through the day. Others are dealing with how to best support themselves through specific health conditions. Still, others have unexplained symptoms, like eczema or headaches, and want to understand if there’s a dietary component to them.

Fortunately, by making smarter lifestyle choices and more educated decisions with our food, we can change our lives and our symptoms for the better. Nutrition can help us live with more energy, fewer ailments, and a better overall quality of life. Research has shown that the Mediterranean Diet, in particular, can help with all kinds of symptoms, ailments, and diseases. (Read more about the benefits of a Mediterranean Diet here). The question is where to start? What’s the best way to start to understand and improve your particular set of issues? This is where a food coach can make a major difference.

What does a food coach do?

Investing in a food coach to come up with an individualized nutrition plan can help you with many of the following things:

  • Develop healthier nutrition options
  • Identify foods that may be contributing to negative reactions in your body or a food sensitivity that you may not have known about before
  • Increase the natural energy that your body produces
  • Reduce inflammation in your body, and thus, stress on your body
  • Understand what ways of eating may be optimal for your particular lifestyle

How does it work?

A food coach helps you work out exactly what you need for your body. A food coach will meet with you to understand your specific history, needs, requirements, and symptoms. This person will make sure to fully understand what you are trying to accomplish so that they can make a plan to help you get there. They can see where you are struggling and why you are struggling. They will be beside you, helping to coach you through each obstacle in the way to a healthier you. A food coach doesn’t just help you decide what healthy foods to eat. They can help you make overall, positive changes to your life and help you overcome bad eating habits. A food coach will be there to look out for your emotional and mental well-being, too.

Next steps

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