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Lifestyle coaching is a type of coaching that aims to take a person’s entire lifestyle into account when making recommendations for improvement. While modifying the food that you put on your plate can make big health improvements, looking at changes across all areas of your life can truly transform the way you feel and look.

Diet Vs. Lifestyle

You may know that the Mediterranean Diet is more aptly called the Mediterranean Lifestyle because it incorporates not only dietary principles, but also movement, stress reduction, and time spent with loved ones. It is the intersection of each of these areas, not just food, that leads to a very impressive array of health benefits. (For more on the research-backed health benefits of a Mediterranean Diet, check out this article here. For more on living a Mediterranean Lifestyle, this page is helpful).

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

The same can be true of Health Coaching! Working with a nutritionist to improve the overall quality of your diet can produce some impressive health results. Similarly, investing in a trainer can help you get strong, flexible, or meet other fitness goals. A life coach or therapist could help you gain insight into areas of your life that may be holding you back. Each of these is valuable and beneficial on its own. However, when you can combine all of these areas, you are much more likely to be able to make lasting changes that are truly transformational.

Some examples of when Lifestyle Coaching can help make changes:

  • You have been feeling moody for months. A lifestyle coach can help examine many causes of your emotional state. Could it be the food that you are eating? Not having anything fun or pleasurable to look forward to? Poor quality sleep? Not enough or too much exercise? Together, you can test which of these (and more) could make the biggest difference for you, so that you can get back to feeling like your happy self!
  • You are having trouble giving up sugary drinks, even though you want to. A lifestyle coach could help spot that you aren’t sleeping enough and that your body is craving quick energy because of this. The coach can then help you make a plan to navigate through this issue and get your nutrition back on track.
  • You’ve been strength training for months but aren’t seeing progress. A lifestyle coach could help identify that you aren’t eating the right foods before or after work-outs. Or perhaps the coach might help you tweak the amount of cardio that you are doing so that your body can better retain strength gains.

How does it work?

A lifestyle coach will get to know you, your unique goals and challenges, as well as your strengths. What you are trying to achieve, whether it’s a healthier diet, more stable moods, better sleep, or time spent with your family, your lifestyle coach will work with you on your specific lifestyle goals. Together you will work on identifying issues and challenges that have been holding you back and then build a plan to work on overcoming these issues. A coach provides an important outside perspective and is often able to see connections that are difficult for you to see. Once you have a plan in place, the coach can help provide extra motivation and support to keep you moving forward.

Next steps

A lifestyle coach can be a critical step in reaching your full potential. We look forward to working with you!

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