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Curb your Sugar Cravings: 5-Day Free Challenge!
October 6, 2020
4-week Jumpstart to the Mediterranean Diet: Accountability Group
October 14, 2020

8 Quick and Easy Snacks to Bust Sugar Cravings for Busy People

Here’s your FREE copy of 8 Quick and Easy Snacks to Bust Sugar Cravings for Busy People!

Outside of behavioral and habitual factors, our diet itself can contribute to sugar cravings, including:

  • Blood sugar fluctuations due to high simple carbohydrate intake and low fat & protein intake
  • Consumption of artificial sweeteners
  • Nutrient deficiencies: calcium, zinc, magnesium
  • Dehydration

The majority of added sugar intake comes from sweets and sugary drinks that are consumed in-between meals (snacks!).

That is why we put together these 8 Quick & Easy Snack Recipes to Help Curb Sugar Cravings. Each recipe provides a combination of fiber, protein, and fat, as well as some of the common nutrient deficiencies mentioned above to help you fight off your sugar cravings. This ultimately leads to decreased added sugar intake and feeling fueled & energized throughout the day!

You know that added sugar is a concern for many of our clients. (In fact, it’s the #1 challenge!) And, you know that too much added sugar can be detrimental for your health, energy, skin, and waistline. We created these recipes to help you slay those sugar cravings!

Here’s where to get your FREE Recipe Book:

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And Here’s Something Else!

As you enjoy your recipes, know that we are offering a FREE 5-day challenge to Curb Sugar Cravings, Oct 19- 23. This is a virtual accountability group designed to help education, motivation, and inspire you to make healthy changes! Let’s do this together.

What you will get in this free challenge:

  • 5-day challenge, Monday through Friday, to combat your sugar cravings  (October 19- 23)
  • Accountability and a community through a private Facebook group
  • Expert support and guidance from Jamie, our Registered Dietitian
  • At least one Facebook Live video with Jamie providing tips to combat sugar cravings
  • Goal setting and daily check-ins for accountability
  • Two opportunities for Q&A with Jamie, plus Facebook support throughout the challenge
  • Recipe Book: 8 snack recipes to combat sugar cravings, plus additional nutrition tips and guidance
  • Learn how to identify where added sugars are coming from by reading a nutrition label

What you will take away from the week:

  • Leave the week feeling healthy and energized (while we can’t guarantee how you’ll feel, these are natural side effects of curbing sugar intake!)
  • Feel well prepared to identify added sugar in your diet
  • Be confident in your food choices to fight off sugar cravings
  • Have go-to recipes for when you are craving that sweet treat
  • Understand what the American Heart Association recommends for sugar consumption
  • Learn how to fight sugar crashes in the middle of the day

Ready to sign up? Do that right here: